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Kendalia, Texas is  located about 25 miles northeast of Boene off FM Raod 473.  The  town was named after George Wilkins Kenall who established  a sheep ranch in the area in the 1840s.  In 1883, Kendalia was first surveyed by D. W. Grady for an early settler, Carl  Vogel, who built a gristmill there.  In 1895 the Curry’s Creek post office was transferred to Kendailia.  By 1900 the town had a general store, a post office, a drug store, and two churches.   Like many of the other towns and communities in the area Kendalia’s economy  was and continues to be dependent primarily on ranching.

Kendalia Halle was built in 1903.  Like many halls built during the period Kendalia Halle was the “place to meet” for entertainment,  family gatherings, and to enjoy live music and over course dancing.  Folks would travel from all over the area spending the weekends visiting, eating, dancing, and family fun.

The red fir lumber used to build the hall was shipped by train from Oregon arriving in Boerne and hauled by horse drawn wagons to the construction site.  Kendailia Halle stands today as a remarkable example of the Texas Dance Halls that were built in the 1800s.  It’s dance floor has been voted the best in Texas

A visit to Kendalia Halle is a step back to a simpler time.  There are regularly scheduled dances at the hall featuring popular Texas artist – at the door you will be greeted by current owners Lee and Judi Temple.  For more information and schedules please visit

For more information about Kendalia Halle and other Texas historic Dance Halls visit

Way down texas way they play fiddle music every night and the dance hall rings with laughter till the early morning light………….A SLEEP AT THE WHEEL: “Way Down Texas Way”

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