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Twin Sisters, Texas is located in southern Blanco County.  It is named after a pair of hills that can be seen for miles that served as a landmark for early settlers in the area.  In 1854, Joel Cherry homesteaded in the area.  Cherry was from Tennessee (we Texans consider Tennessee a very important ally – REMEMBER THE ALAMO).  In 1856 settlers petitioned and received a post office.  By the end of the 1850’s, Twin Sisters was a major German settlement.

Max Krueger settled in Twin Sisters in 1875.  Krueger owned a grist mill, cotton gin, and one of the three general stores in the town.  In addition to these business ventures he served as the post master and the justice of peace.  In 1869  he opened a dance hall and bowling alley,   these became the entertainment center for the folks in Twin Sisters and the surrounding area.  Max named these Twin Sisters Hall and Bowling Alley.  A major two year drought hit the area in 1894 forcing many of the local famers and ranchers into bankruptcy.  Krueger had to sell out because of the hard economic times.  In 1951 the Twin Sisters Post Office closed and moved to near by Blanco, Texas.  In 1967 the bowling alley burned to the ground.

Through these many years, the Twin Sisters Dance Hall remains.  This hall is considered the oldest Dance Hall in Texas.    Twin Sisters Dance Hall  continues to host a public dance every first Saturday of each month as well as special events through the year.  These dances feature live music and ALL ARE INVITED!

I recently had the pleasure of attending one of these monthly dances at Twin Sisters.  It was a great experience – people of all ages,  young and old, enjoying live music and dancing the night away.  I sat and watch (in my Nikes – little advise wear cowboy boots) as generations of families and friends delighted in  each others company.

When you dance, you purpose is not to get to a certain place on the floor.  It’s to…..ENJOY EACH STEP ALONG THE WAY               Wayne W Dyer

For more information on Twin Sisters Dance Hall and scheduled events please visit the following websites:        this event is schedule at Twin Sisters on Saturday December 6th  – mark you calendars to FIDDLE AROUND AT TWIN SISTERS!


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