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In June of 1840 William Thomas Scott, his wife Mary Rose, and other members of their family settled in this area of East Texas.  Scott established five cotton plantations, including his residence, Scottsville Plantation, which was constructed by slaves.  His home was a replica of  a mansion in Mississippi owned by Jefferson Davis.  Scottsville was granted a post office in 1869 and the population grew to about 300.  Scott served in the House of Representatives of the last Congress of the Republic of Texas and later he became a Senator of the first legislature after statehood.  He died in 1887 and is bury next to Mary Rose in the Scottsville Cemetery.

The Scottsville/Youree Cemetery is named for Peter Youree, a captain in the Confederate Army.  Youree later became a banker and eventually built the first skyscraper in Shreveport, Louisiana.

The Scottsville Cemetery is the oldest private cemetery in Texas located four miles east of Marshall, Texas.  The cemetery is filled with amazing artistic monuments.  At the entrance  of the cemetery is a Confederate monument.  During the Civil War the Scott Plantation provided provisions for the Confederate troops.  There are seven names, of family members who were involved in the war, inscribed on the pedestal.

In 1904 a church was build at the cemetery by the family of William Scott Youree after he was killed in Mexico.  The Weeping Angel marks his grave.  The monument was created by sculptor Frank Teich and is named Grief.  The ten foot statue is carved from Carrera marble and cost $40,000.00 in 1904.

If you look closely you will find a small stone, actually the smallest in the cemetery.  It is the stone for Major Herman Kretz – 2nd Battalion.  Pennsylvania infantry US Army.  In fine print it states:  Barried Lot 3593 Arlington National Cemetery.  The only reason the the stone is there is because it is next to his wife’s tombstone.

A visit to the Scottsville Cemetery amazing!  It is one of the most beautiful cemeteries not only the state of Texas but in the United States.

A cemetery is a history of people – a perpetual record of yesterday and sanctuary of peace and quiet today.  A cemetery exists because every life is worth loving and remembering……..always.         Unknown

Ruth LovingFebruary 24, 2019 - 11:49 pm

A friend and I visited the Scottsville, Texas cemetery today, 2/24/2019 and found it so interesting. Checking your site with all the info made it even more interesting and answered a lot of questions we had. Thank you.
Ruth Loving
Longview, TX

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