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Focus on the Backroads: Texas Wildflowers

Wildflower (noun)…a flower that grows in natural places without being planted by humans

In a few short weeks the highways and backroads of Texas are going to explode with spectacular color – it’s WILDFLOWER SEASON!  There are more than 5,000 species of flowering plants that are native to the state of Texas.  March through May is the prime blooming months throughout Texas.

Some of the most popular wildflowers are:

  • Bluebonnets, the Texas State Flower:  Bluebonnets start blooming in the middle of March and usually peak by mid-April.
  • Texas Paintbrush: these start blooming at the same time as the Bluebonnets usually in the same areas
  • Indian Blanket:  these start blooming mid-April through May
  • Greenthread:  these bright yellow flowers start blooming in mid-April through June.  There are billions of flowers throughout the fields creating beautiful seas of yellow flowers
  • Winecup:   these magenta flowers bloom from mid-April through June.

Throughout the state of Texas there are designated driving trails with well marked routes.  Most are updated weekly on wildflower watch sites.  If you are ready for a true adventure pack a lunch, water, and of course a camera and hit the backroads!  Remember to FOCUS ON THE WILDFLOWERS.

WARNING: in many of these area there are rattlesnakes please keep that in mind when taking pictures of children.

Also please be careful not to destroy these flowers!

Where flowers bloom so does hope……Lady Bird Johnson 

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