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FOCUS ON THE BACKROADS: Dubina Tx Painted Church: St. Cyril & Methodious

In the 1800s Czech and German immigrants came to the Lone Star State, many settled in the central part of Texas.  They named their towns after towns they had left in their homelands.  Dubina, Texas is one of these towns.  These settlers had a very strong work ethic, a great sense of community, and a strong desire to worship and pray together.  They purposely made their new churches feel like the ancient structures that they had left by painting the walls, alters, and arches of their new churches wooden walls in colorful patterns.  These churches became know as THE PAINTED CHURCHES.  These churches have been preserved including St Cyril & Methodious Catholic Church in Dubina, Texas.

Dubina  is known as the first Czech Settlement in Texas founded in 1856.  The first recorded Europeans to pass through the area were member of the La Salle party in 1680.  There are records that confirm that La Salle pasted within 2,000 yards of where St Cyril & Methodious Church is located.  Dubina became the spiritual, cultural, and business center for this region of Texas.

In 1877,  St Cyril & Methodious Church was built.  A freed slave, Tom Lee, built the cross on the steeple that is still on the church today.  In the 1880’s there were more than 600 families in the parish.  The church was destroyed in 1909 by a hurricane.  Immediately the people of Dubina began building rebuilding – in 1911 the current church was completed – including the iron cross that was salvage from the debris.  The interior was painted with beautiful frescos, vines, oak leaves, and angels.  During the 1950s unfortunately the entire interior was whitewashed.

Fortunately in 1983 efforts, lead by Judge Ed Janeckas and Butch Koenig, began to restore the church interior.  The original designs were uncovered during the renovation and restored using some of the original stencils.

This church stands as a reminder of an important period of Texas History.  These early settles had a strong faith in God which help them through many hardships as they settled in this new land.  This church is open daily to visitors and is worth a visit.  St. Cyril & Methodious Church is located off FM 1383, two miles north of highway 90.

“Let us go into the house of Lord”   Psalms 122:1



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