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Everyone has experience the marvel of an amazingly beautiful sunset.  For a brief moment the morning sky explodes into a kaleidoscope of color.

Merriam-Webster  defines a sunrise as the apparent rising of the sun above the horizon.   Well after six hours of Astronomy, at the University of Texas at Arlington,  I can assure you the sun is not rising.  It is the rotation of the earth that make it appear to (that is the extent of my science knowledge).  Science aside my definition of a sunrise is a really good reason to get up early in the morning an hit the backroads.

It is amazing that many mornings the new day is welcomed in with such beauty.  At that moment you can gaze at the horizon and reflect on what the day will bring.  Sunsets are for sharing with others – hopefully with a message that all is good.  We then go through the days ups and downs anticipating what is to come………what goes  up must go down……. the encore…….sunset!

I found a simple poem by Margo S.  I hope Margo is ok with me using this because it describes a sunrise perfectly:

Colours.  So many colors.
Red, white, orange, yellow, blue.
Match perfectly together.
Seems so simple to our eyes.

“Simplicity is the ultimate satisfaction”
Is what da Vinci once said.
Isn’t that the truth?
Look around you, and you will see.


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