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Norwegian settlers began settling in Bosque County in 1854.  Most of their time was spent clearing the land, building homes, harvesting crops, and providing for everyday life.  Most of these settlers were Lutheran and Sundays were days of rest and gathering to worship in their homes.  In 1886 St Oafs Kirke (The Rock Church) was built.  Rocks were hauled by church members from the surrounding mountains.  The church was built on land that was purchased for $25.00.

Services began while the church during the construction although it had only dirt floors and planks placed on kegs were used for pews.  In 1895, St Olaf Kirke was dedicated now with wood floors, pews, a wood stove, gas lights, stained glass windows, and pump organ.  In 1897, the Ladies Aid Organization purchased the Swedish bell which still hangs in the bell tower.  Today the simple rustic charm of this church still exist.

St Olafs Kirke is now used for special services at Easter, Christmas Eve, and other planned events.  It is also available for wedding, baptisms and funerals.

St Olaf Kirke is yet another reminder of the strong community spirit that existed as folks  from other countries settled in Texas.  This historical church is worth a drive down the backroads!


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